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Platform business approach can enhance customer experience in life & pensions

Most life insurance and pensions organizations are still product-led, operate in organizational silos, and rely on legacy systems.

  • To deliver better pension customer service, life & pension companies have begun to invest in digital transformation.
  • To attract and retain customers, and drive growth, the L&P industry needs a fundamental relook at how they can use technology capabilities to manage their organizations and capitalize on this opportunity.
  • In the post-COVID-19 “new beginnings”, customers look to their financial services companies to be more accessible and supportive, and to engage with them effectively.
  • It is necessary to address key challenges such as meeting the broader & emerging needs of customers around financial wellness, sub-optimal experiences due to incomplete view of customers, and upgrading legacy systems.

A platforms approach, which uses an integrated set of technologies to manage organizational capabilities, can help in life insurance digital transformation.

Dorji Wangchuk

Domain and Digital Product Lead, TCS


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