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Linde hands over customer relationship management and Salesforce systems in a complex environment. 

Leading global industrial gases and engineering company Linde looked to continually improve organizational processes in order to offer its global clients innovative solutions and accompanying services. That said, it engaged with TCS to consolidate multiple business applications within its existing Salesforce environment. TCS’ highly skilled teams and experience in delivering large-scale transitions with multiple technologies made it a preferred partner for Linde.

Beginning in 2019, the aim of the engagement was to transition away from release management and develop an agile and flexible DevOps model to speed up customer processes and reduce time-to-market. This helped Linde achieve its operational targets, create fluid sales and service procedures, and streamline the enterprise to save valuable resources and time.

For TCS, this meant taking over services from the previous vendor in a complex environment for a critical industry – in which time is always of the essence.


Always equipped with valuable customer insights and information.

To ensure that no data was lost during the transition, and that Linde’s operations could continue as normal, a single consolidated DevOps team carried out continuous integration of new Salesforce applications into various sandboxes. Now, more than 10,000 Linde employees from multiple countries enjoy the benefits of omnichannel, cloud, and automated experiences.

The introduction of Salesforce Service Cloud, for example, allowed Linde’s employees to automate most service processes, streamline workflows, and obtain information in the moment of need, to support customer service agents. This aspect was a great success and received highly positive feedback from one of Linde’s subsidiaries, British Oxygen Company (BOC) Australia.

Meanwhile, another Linde company, Praxair Surface Technology, gained the ability to automate quote creation – which speeds up complex approval processes and reduces human error. 


A platform on which Linde can build for the future.

Linde’s Timo Schmitt recognized that with TCS as a strategic partner, his firm’s employees can exert more energy creating additional business value rather than spending hours on tedious tasks, such as data allocation and quote generation. Besides, with added efficiency and productivity, Linde can meet time-critical objectives and satisfy its clients sooner than ever before.

Linde plans to extend Salesforce to three more countries. Internally, the project won the CIO Project Excellence Award for getting the most out of an existing platform with a proven methodology to deliver positive outcomes at speed. Above all, Schmitt is delighted to involve TCS’ Salesforce Center of Excellence to gain valuable suggestions for future improvements – showing that the partnership is not simply one for today but is scalable to master growth and transformation needs too.








“TCS has helped Linde scale, grow, and improve efficiency and productivity.” – Timo Schmitt, Head of Business Applications, Salesforce, Linde.





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