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Sustainable Synergy Savings on Mergers & Acquisitions

Blake Hansen, Partner, TCS M&A Services, explains how to find M&A synergies, measure their value and avoid the typical pitfalls.

Unleashing synergies is a top business imperative for all mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals. Investors and shareholders alike expect M&A deals to create increased financial value whether through new growth, boosted competitive advantage, larger market share, enhanced supply chain influence, or more. Ultimately, synergies are measured either by revenue increases or operating cost improvements. While revenue synergies are often only realized once integration has been completed, cost synergies can be realized immediately after the deal closure.  

In this 30-minute webinar featuring TCS’ Blake Hansen, Partner, M&A Services, learn how to go from opportunity to the bottom line with M&A synergies:

  • Identifying synergy areas
  • Valuing synergy opportunities
  • Capturing synergy value
  • Avoiding typical pitfalls

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