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Transforming mobility to be an interconnected and holistic journey experience

There is an imperative need to transform the urban mobility landscape and improve the traveler experience while boosting revenues. With access to high-quality data and advanced analytics, it is now possible to provide MaaS solutions that are user-centric. A key to improving commuter journey experience is an integrated digital platform that is multimodal and encompasses pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip services. Sustainable transportation solutions will reduce the dependency on private vehicles, reduce traffic congestion, emissions and safety problems for transport policymakers and urban planners. The objectives of MaaS solutions must include:

  • Scalable door-to-door mobility services without using a private vehicle
  • Personalized access to commuter using multiple transport modes and services
  • Remote connectivity and accessibility of transport supplier network
  • An open ecosystem for information and services in intelligent transportation
Rajeev Upreti

Business Consultant, Travel Transport Hospitality, TCS

Rajesh Nischal

Head of Strategic Initiatives, Travel Transport Hospitality, TCS


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