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In recent years, enterprises have been accelerating their adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for a vast number of use cases to build intelligent business processes, forecast business demands, process documents, empower smart agents, and ensure quality control. The emergence of 5G technology will enable access to real-time data from edge devices, increasing the adoption of AI technologies such as intelligent robotics and process automation across industries. With the adoption of AI-ML components within existing enterprise applications, enterprises can reduce operational costs and eliminate biased decisions.

TCS leverages its extensive experience in driving digital-first transformation for enterprises across industries to unlock the promise of AI-ML using cloud-native AWS solutions including TCS BaNCS, TCS OptumeraTM, TCS ADDTM and others.

Recommendation-based offerings: Personalize customer experience by providing product suggestions, framing hyper-customized bundles, and recommending the next best action. These are powered by models built using Amazon SageMaker and in conjuncture with services such as Amazon Personalize and Amazon Forecast.

Insight-based offerings: Process vast amounts of data with insights that help reduce frauds, enable predictive maintenance, create strategies for dynamic pricing, process straight-through claims and prevent cyberattacks. In the healthcare and life sciences industry, these offerings can be used for new drug discovery, diagnostics, and predict and control disease outbreaks. Amazon SageMaker with services such as Amazon Fraud Detector and Amazon Rekognition are used to model insight-based products and services.

 Automation-based offerings: Power KYC processing, covenant recommendation, financial spreading, quality control, inventory re-ordering and SOP verification using automation-first solutions with Amazon SageMaker, along with Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate.

Conversation-based offerings: Enable the use of chatbots for customer support which has gained wide acceptance due to their availability and ease of usage. AWS AI-ML services such as Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly provide the building blocks for the chatbots and their functionality is further enhanced by Amazon Kendra that renders accurate results for customer queries. Customer support on Amazon Connect, the cloud-based call center service, provides real-time alerts using Contact Lens, real-time agent assistance through Amazon Connect Wisdom, and voice ID to authenticate customers.

Experience-based offerings: Create virtual agents that man kiosks, digital twins and simulations, powered by Amazon Sumerian, Amazon GreenGrass and Amazon Robomaker.

Sagemaker platform setup: Build a data science platform using Amazon SageMaker, and users with limited machine learning knowledge can use Amazon Sagemaker’s Autopilot feature to develop ML models, enabling the democratization of AI. It also enables users to leverage AWS’ AI-ML services like Amazon Rekoginition for image processing, Amazon Textract for OCR, and Comprehend for entity extraction from documents. TCS also provides pre-built models that can be used as accelerators for the adoption of AI.


TCS’ AI-ML offerings on AWS provide enterprises with the following benefits:

  • Eliminates human error thereby reducing business risk and security threats
  • Provides scalable solutions that can accommodate varying user intent
  • Handles emerging business complexities with AI-powered engines
  • Assists in customer support and augments customer experience

TCS Advantage

  • TCS COIN™  network supports a robust innovation paradigm
  • TCS MFDM™  approach helps enterprises in AI-ML adoption maturity
  • TCS-AWS co-innovation solutions are tailor-made for customer requirements



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