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Though mainframe systems have evolved over time with containers, enterprises must integrate mainframe and open systems continuously. Businesses running on legacy platforms are held back by technologies that limit growth and prevent them from accessing incremental business value. Legacy portfolios take months to release and integrate new revenue generating features and functions. Further, the aging workforce with legacy competencies is inadequately equipped, posing a range of business risks.

With limited alternatives, the total cost of ownership for businesses increases. Legacy platforms are also too inflexible to rapidly launch experimental workloads that can support innovative services, features, and products. Businesses must modernize their mainframe legacy application portfolios to hyperscale public cloud platforms to attain higher productivity, stronger business sustainability, faster time-to-market, and lower operating costs.

K. Vaidyanathan

Consultant – Multi-cloud Advisory, TCS

Amgad Mina

Head – Cloud Strategy and Transformation, TCS


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