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The Challenge

Modern businesses need agile, flexible and high performing core systems supporting real-time integration, business intelligence, analytics, and reduced response time to enable them to compete in a digital world. The monolithic nature of mainframe systems, archaic user interfaces, and outdated technologies reduce flexibility. Further, there is a shortage of subject matter experts and resources on mainframe and this entails a very high cost of ownership.   


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TCS Solution

TCS Mainframe Migration and Modernization on Azure helps enterprises move their mainframe workload to Azure seamlessly. Bundled with offerings such as TCS MasterCraftTM powered reverse engineering and forward engineering, the solution leverages microservices and event-driven architectures to drive application modernization by enabling movement of the mainframe ecosystem to Azure cloud with minimal changes and low costs. Key features include:

  • Reverse engineering: Analyze the current mainframe application and extract business logic in the absence of information.
  • Forward engineering: Create technical architecture and design of target application and finalize functional specification document.
  • Native transformation: Build and deploy applications on Azure by utilizing cloud services.
  • Mainframe Lift and Shift to Azure: Lift and shift mainframe applications to cloud leveraging Microsoft Azure partner solutions for hosting various workloads on Azure. 


With TCS’ solution, enterprises can:

  • Improve customer experience by leveraging UI and legacy modernization, data model transformation, and real-time integration
  • Create a vibrant innovation ecosystem to meet current and future business needs
  • Gain agility with reduced development and change cycles using CI-CD
  • Reduce computational cost and enhance operational efficiency owing to cost aware architecture
  • Reduce technical debt by adopting niche technologies and cloud native services
  • Modernize broad data access with business intelligence and analytics capabilities