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Ever-changing needs of enterprises call for a new plan to modernize technology and propel purpose-driven, future-ready organizations. While many enterprises want to digitalize, legacy applications are limiting them from exploring new business opportunities. Legacy systems impede the introduction of new features and offerings, and constrain enterprises from responding nimbly to changing trends. TCS partners with its clients to transform their legacy systems to the future-ready state to meet customer demands.

TCS’ deep domain knowledge of legacy systems, particularly IBM Mainframe, puts it in an advantageous position in cloud modernization. It has been a pioneer in IBM Mainframe technology, and for more than three decades has been helping large organizations adapt their IT infrastructure to meet changing business and IT needs while adopting latest technology solutions. TCS manages over half-a-billion Mainframe MIPS for enterprises across the world. TCS MastercraftTM has transformed over 300 million lines of code to Java and has over 220 patents on code analysis, reverse-engineering and code transformation. It has invested in Z-series to train experts and innovate new solutions jointly with IBM.

TCS has developed modernization strategies based on its extensive experience, industry trends, insights, best practices and industry reference models. TCS solution for Mainframe modernization revolves around 6Rs approach, focusing on Rehost, Refactor, Rewrite and Replace, along with Retain and Retire. TCS leverages TCS MasterCraftTM automation framework as one of the solution components to reduce the cost and time involved in transformation.

TCS’ solution for migrating Mainframe to AWS environments leverages several key native services such as Amazon EC2 instances, AWS ELB, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Identity and Access Management. Automation, cost efficiency and innovation are embedded in TCS’ approach, and the solution can be customized to specific requirements. Its domain-specific reference architecture, best practices for legacy modernization (pattern-based architecture), and tools including TCS assessment, TCS iCMCTM , Cloud Counsel, ZippMasterCraftTM, ZippedAgile, and Modernization Propeller serve as key differentiators.

TCS’ legacy modernization to AWS uses migrate-to-modernize approach to:

  • Create automation strategies for refactoring, data architecture, data migration and testing of legacy applications and data to the target architecture

  • Enable lower upfront investments

  • Drive reduction in the mainframe CAPEX costs and technical debt

  • Ramp up digitalization resulting in faster go-to-market

In summary, TCS helps clients modernize their IT landscape and move from Mainframe or legacy systems to AWS cloud to achieve scale, enhance agility, innovate and launch new services faster.