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The cyber world is changing faster than the security and this leaves us vulnerable to cybercrimes. Enterprises of the future need to adopt a comprehensive cyber security strategy to safeguard against risks and threats. They need to implement and test controls, regular maintenance and monitoring of their security management programs through reliable technical support programs.

TCS Solution

We use our experience and our proven methodologies to help enterprises in following areas.

Identity and Access Management

  •  Managed IAM Operations

Enterprise Vulnerability Management

  •  Vulnerability management Governance

Governance, Risk and Compliance

  •  GRC Solution support
  •  Controls testing services

Managed Security Services

  •  24X7 Cyber Vigilance Services
  •  Managed Cloud Security
  •  Threat Intelligence and advisory services
  •  Cyber Crisis Management
  •  Managed Security Device Management
  •  Managed Security Platform
            - Cyber Defence Command Center     



  •  Optimize controls related to people, processes, and technology
  •  Improve governance of the security management program
  •  Reduce the TCO of the risk and security program
  •  Optimize the risk posture, security, and compliance program
  •  Strengthen security processes with continual risk identification/mitigation
  •  Increase profitability with early risk mitigation
  •  Reduce legal risks arising from fraud or cyber security incidents


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