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Manufacturing Journal of Innovation & Transformation

Supply Chain for Business 4.0

The Manufacturing Journal of Innovation and Transformation (JIT) is TCS’ flagship Thought Leadership artifact wherein seasoned industry practitioners present their insights on the trends and forces driving the evolution of manufacturing. In the previous editions of JIT, we have focused on key themes such as customer experience, digital disruptions, and product innovation.

The theme of the latest edition is “Supply Chain for Business 4.0” in which we explore how a connected, collaborative, and cognitive supply chain can enable customer centric business models while also delivering cost and efficiency benefits.  A key highlight for this edition is a special article titled ‘From Integrated Business Planning to Digital Integrated Business Planning’ with insights from our esteemed partners, the ARC Advisory Group.

This edition of the Journal of Innovation and Transformation (JIT) highlights how organizations can transform their supply chain to deliver the envisioned customer experience. The journal encompasses:

  • An editorial highlighting how transformed supply chains are crucial to realizing the vision of Business 4.0 by Anandh Rajappa, Head, Supply Chain Consulting, TCS Manufacturing ISU
  • A guest feature by ARC Advisory on how Digital Integrated Business Planning can enable planning for demand-driven supply chains
  • Whitepapers on :

1. Realizing a Customer-centric Digital Supply Chain: Connected, Collaborative, and Cognitive

2. Realizing a Demand-driven Supply Chain

3. Maximizing Supplier Value with a Performance Management Framework

4. Optimizing Inventory through Periodic Inventory Analysis

5. Stronger Together: Leveraging a Robust Supply Chain Convergence Framework to Ensure Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

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