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Manufacturing Next: Intelligent, Agile, Automated and Cloud-Enabled

TCS backs research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services on Future Manufacturing Enterprise

A research paper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has highlighted a sea change that is silently transforming the manufacturing industry. Integrating inputs from industry leaders and senior academics, the analysis has picked the high points of impact from the convergence of digital technologies to create new business models that have the potential to create competitive advantage and value propositions. 

Forward-thinking manufacturing enterprises have the opportunity (and necessity) to reimagine their operations, products and services, and customer and supplier relationships. They also have the ability to evolve from focusing on creating value through product engineering and operational efficiency to targeting customer centricity and lifecycle services, from traditional products to smarter ones, and from conventional B2B approaches to a more involved B2B2C model.

Download the paper to get complete insights put forth by leading experts from industry and academia

Susheel Vasudevan

Head, Manufacturing and Utilities Business Group, Tata Consultancy Services


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