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Early Warning System


TCS Early Warning System

Cloud-based field quality analytics with TCS IP model as a service.



To keep pace with the market, OEMs are rapidly launching new, customized products.

However, lack of process agility is making quality management a challenge. For example:

  • A 3–6 month timeline from ‘detection to correction’ is resulting in expensive product recall.

  • Excessive reliance on the warranty claims data from the field is contributing to delays.

TCS Solution

TCS Early Warning System has IPs on:

  • Part failure prediction using the fault code patterns

  • Part-level issues by deciphering Voice of Customer data much earlier than claims data

, and protecting brand equity.

Our fault code patterns can be applied across the automotive, aerospace, and industrial OEM value chain to help:

  • Design engineers quickly calibrate new products to reduce time to market

  • Finance teams develop a quantifiable method for supplier recovery on field quality issues

  • Customer Service teams generate a ‘sick product’ report and offer proactive customer service

  • Supply chain teams produce an accurate forecast for parts to reflect the condition of the product in the field


  • Prioritize issues to win mind share on quality

  • Improve margins with reduced warranty costs due to early correction

  • Achieve perfect fulfillment with optimum safety stock using condition based forecasting

  • Provide digital customer experience with proactive service before part failure

  • Enrich supplier relationships with organized recovery processes

  • Reduce time to market through test optimization

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