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  • TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus enabled Railpen manage test cases in a single repository
  • The configured defect workflow helped the client to track defect ownership and move toward closure quickly
  • Real-time reporting provided meaningful insights
  • A quick view of the project was obtained to address challenges.
  • The migration to MasterCraft™ DevPlus reduced the infra management cost for the client








The challenge



Railpen has a 50-year-old legacy. It has evolved significantly since its inception in 1965 as the pension office for the British Rail Pension Scheme. From privatization to numerous other changes in the rail franchise, it has undergone innovation and transformations throughout its journey, ensuring that it continues to deliver its primary purpose.

Railpen was finding it challenging to manage and execute test cases, find defects, and ensure end-to-end traceability. Since 2015, Railpen started using TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus - Test Management Edition on premise to manage test cases in a single repository and use it for various testing cycles, such as SIT, UAT, and regression testing.




The Solution



The client deployed TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus as an on-premise solution to manage test cases, their execution, and defect management. Tests were executed only through TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus, and it helped them obtain a view of the daily execution and track the status of the project. Defects were raised against the test cases and the tool ensured complete traceability of the test cases and defects. Approximately, 200 users used DevPlus, generating around 22,000 test cases, 2,000 defects, and 5,400 test runs.








TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus helped Railpen manage test cases in a single repository, using it for various testing cycles such as SIT, UAT, and regression testing. The configured defect workflow helped Railpen to track defect ownership and move towards closure quickly. Real-time reporting provided meaningful insights and a quick view of the project was obtained to address challenges. 

Railpen migrated to the SaaS version of TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus in 2020, which  reduced the infra management cost. Railpen is immensely satisfied with TCS’ services and is planning to scale up and use DevPlus enterprise-wide.