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TCS MasterCraft™ DataPlus



The nature of its business required TDC Group's IT data stores to hold considerable personally identifiable information (PII), including customer account numbers and Danish personal identification numbers (CPR numbers) among others. While wanting to use realistic data for testing purposes, TDC also needed to ensure privacy safeguards for its customers' sensitive information and PII to comply with GDPR implementations. The company was looking to adopt data masking as a solution to enable privacy-safe data provisioning. TM TDC partnered with TCS, choosing our MasterCraft™ DataPlus for its rich and proven data privacy capabilities.



Along with prepackaged masking rules, TCS' solution created a custom data masking technique to mask individual CPR numbers. A built-in masking technique masked 10-digit account numbers consistently across heterogeneous data platforms, including Mainframe DB2, IMS DB, HP Tandem no-SQL and Enscribe files, Salesforce, Flat files and relational databases. Taking over the entire process of data provisioning, TCS' DataPlus automated the process of PII data discovery and data masking while processing 8.6 TB of data. We helped TDC discover sensitive data attributes across more than 100 applications using diverse data stores. Automating test data provisioning for TDC's newly-built test environments, DataPlus? dynamic data masking capabilities also enabled GDPR compliance. Supporting varied data technologies in the TDC landscape, our domain knowledge and technical expertise allowed the company to create production-like test data by keeping interapplication relationships intact.

"TCS MasterCraft™ DataPlus enabled GDPR compliance and automated test data provision for our newly-built test environments."

- Lars Burmann,Head of Department, Test & Release, TDC




Through this partnership with TCS, TDC achieved data compliance in test environments and automation of data provisioning. DataPlus' intelligent data masking algorithms allowed the company to generate realistic and integrated data, while automating the discovery of personal data. All things considered, TCS' solution enabled Denmark's largest telecommunications vendor to automate the process of PII data discovery and data masking. TDC was able to meet its data TM privacy requirements according to GDPR implementations, using TCS MasterCraft™  DataPlus.