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Maximizing the Automation Potential in BPO Industry

A framework-led approach to deploying automation is the need of the hour 

Since its inception, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has implemented automation, but only to a limited extent and that too, tactically. Most enterprises aimed to increase overall efficiency and reduce reliance on manual processes when they sought to automate their operations. Back-office activities such as email generation, and processing server logs tend to fall under the radar but they provide crucial support to billion-dollar businesses.

Despite BPOs generating USD 25 billion in 2017, the unimportance attached to their work has affected how automation has been implemented in BPO processes. This has resulted in a fragmented approach to automation that hasn’t made much of a difference to customer experience. For the BPO industry, an effective RPA framework designed as an assembly-based model will:

  • Allow employees to focus on core business activities
  • Allow developing and testing of solutions in tandem
  • Increase throughput
  • Provide extensive reports to customers at every stage
Kapil Manshani

Domain Consultant, HiTech, TCS

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