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Technology Empowers Mississippi’s Unemployed

TCS develops cutting-edge unemployment insurance system. Citizens and employees benefit.

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30-year-old system hampers effectiveness of staff and quality of services.

In a digital world, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) found itself greatly encumbered by its outdated computer system—a Fujitsu mainframe, using outdated file structures and databases.

To efficiently serve its employers and claimants, the MDES needed to provide easy access to information, automate components, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve productivity. They had to facilitate collaboration with internal and external organizations, clients and constituents, and optimize operations. Increased automation was the only way to enhance the staff effectiveness.


TCS develops comprehensive, fully integrated Unemployment Insurance system.

TCS transformed the department by developing a web-based Unemployment Insurance system, one of the most comprehensive and integrated systems in the USA, from the ground-up.

We upgraded the system from a non-relational to relational database, from batch to real-time updates, from paper to Internet-based user interfaces, and from mainframe computing to an n-Tier technical architecture.

The new system was dubbed ACCESS Mississippi (Automated Comprehensive Claims & Employment Services System). It incorporates best-of-breed technology and integrates all benefits and tax functions for the MDES.

3x volume of cases processed using the new unemployment management system with same or less staff.

Available 24×7 to both internal and external users, our system offers capabilities such as processing logic, integration of components, and interfaces to interpret inputs, process them and respond effectively and efficiently. Other features include a Questionnaire Engine, a unique Overpayment Prevention Algorithm, and Customer Quick Response capabilities.

, making Mississippi one of the first states in the US with such an advanced system.

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