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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become a popular business strategy for companies to create growth, drive innovation, deliver efficiencies, and enable their Business 4.0™ vision. Companies need to integrate customers, employees, and critical processes while building a strategic platform without disrupting the core business operations. To achieve their M&A objectives, they need to align with the right strategic advisor who can provide a systematic approach and proven methodologies supported by appropriate tools and accelerators to ensure optimal results and sustainable competitiveness.  

TCS Solution

. The offering spans from target operating model design to integration/separation planning and management, and Day 1 readiness.  It also includes synergy management, organizational restructuring, country readiness, TSA (transition service agreement) management, stranded cost analysis, cloud technology strategy, IPO readiness, and more. TCS brings proven methodologies, ready-to-execute M&A playbooks, benchmarks and strategies on attaining the greatest value from weaving companies together as well as carving out and starting independent businesses. This can ultimately result in faster execution, lower delivery costs, and minimized risk, all while supporting future growth and profitability.


  • 10-25% faster executions, powered by agile teams and Machine-First Delivery Model™
  • 15-25% lower delivery costs due to migration factories and global scale
  • 7-15% total cost of ownership reduction through select transformation during M&As
  • 15-30% lower TSA management costs


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