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Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Services

Supporting mergers, acquisitions and divestitures--from strategy to execution for large-scale transformation



Mergers and acquisitions have proven to be effective means for companies to create innovative, groundbreaking products, services, and solutions to ensure competitive advantage. Similarly, divestitures can help reposition companies for new business opportunities. These transactions are complex endeavors and speed is key. Without a systematic and proven approach supported by appropriate tools and accelerators, it can be a high-risk, time intensive, and costly undertaking.  

Several dimensions need to be kept in mind: How to realize the transaction objectives? What does the target-operating model look like? How do your IT capabilities, workforce, and strategy align with one another? These aspects need to be in place before one begins these efforts.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture (MA&D) playbooks map an end-to-end, integrated approach to successful realization of merger synergies. These ensure quick separation execution, while minimizing risk to existing operations.

In addition, TCS offers integration management services, hosted and pre-configured ERP solutions, platform migration capabilities, business process services, and IT services - all targeted at companies engaged in MA&D. TCS has a successful track record of helping companies gain competitive advantage, by exceeding cost savings and timeline targets, and managing the risk involved in high-complexity, high-value transactions.


  • Accelerate the strategic, operational, financial, and cultural goals of the integration or separation

  • Deliver estimated 15% savings in business operating costs from process rationalization

  • Reduce complexity with MA&D playbooks 

  • Minimize operational distractions and business disruption

  • Leverage a global, agile, fast, and integrated team

  • Leverage technical environments for accelerating integration and divestitures

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