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Jurassic Fibre Redefines Workplace Experience

TCS helps Jurassic Fibre reimagine human capital management with next-gen cloud platform

Jurassic Fibre


Jurassic Fibre wanted to drive a seamless digital and personalized employee experience

Stepping into the 5G age, Jurassic Fibre was looking to transform its end-to-end employee processes and revamp work culture. The enterprise explored options in the cloud domain that would add agility to its HR infrastructure and move it from a process-centric to an employee experience-based organization. What Jurassic Fibre needed was a digital solution that sources employee data and drives transformation in physical, digital, and cultural aspects of work. This called for a cloud platform that acts as a single source of truth for all employee information and keeps pace with business expansion.


TCS transforms human capital management at Jurassic Fibre with futuristic HR templates

Working as a strategic partner with Jurassic Fibre, TCS leveraged its human capital management (HCM) experience and technology leadership to conduct a thorough analysis for each HR function and draw a workforce transformation roadmap for the customer. The TCS team shortlisted and helped prioritize some quick-win opportunities for Jurassic Fibre and recommended standardizations and personalization for better execution of HCM functions. Given Jurassic Fibre's heavy investment into Microsoft cloud platforms, Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR was selected for this workforce transformation program.

"Working with TCS on our digital journey was an enriching experience.” -- Catherine Reed, HR & Admin Director, Jurassic Fibre

TCS conducted a detailed gap fit analysis on Microsoft Dynamics Cloud to ensure optimal localized design for Jurassic Fibre teams in the UK and Jamaica and imparted training to the HR teams to help them adapt better to the new HR solution. Delivering continuous business value, TCS designed a minimum viable product for Jurassic Fibre with rapid deployment within 30 days. With design thinking and alignment to business goals, TCS helped Jurassic Fibre switch to employee-centric processes and make better data-driven decisions.


TCS leads development and adoption of a next-gen HCM cloud platform at Jurassic Fibre

Striking a right balance between automation and personalization, TCS deployed a cloud HR platform that brought together disparate employee processes at Jurassic Fibre and enabled use of data analytics for visibility on employee demographics.

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