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Organizations worldwide have carried on using legacy business intelligence tools for reporting and data visualization. However, they are only suitable for developing operational reports and focus only on as-is consumption.

Also, with these solutions, any change in the business environment would mean organizations need more time and higher investment to develop insightful reports. They don't allow an organization to implement self-service BI platforms.


A resilient framework that streamlines migration from legacy BI tools to Power BI, TCS Migration Factory Services for Power BI facilitates streamlines factory-based migration and subsequent governance:

  • Assessment: Helps develop an understanding of the current legacy BI solution, identify users and usage patterns, and recognize the BI strategy of organizations to facilitate effective migration

  • Recommendation: Includes provisions for reports rationalization, categorization, adoption recommendation, and component migration design definition specific to legacy BI tools

  • Migration: Leveraging the power of Azure, the DevOps service is integrated by monitoring existing reports and dashboards on legacy platforms and cloud

  • Governance: Leveraging industry best practices to derive maximum business value out of Power BI deployment

The TCS solution assesses on-premise products and recommends a design aligned with the organization's goals and data visualization strategy.


By adopting TCS Migration Factory Services for Power BI, enterprises can reap the following benefits:

  • Leverage self-service data visualization capabilities to identify new possibilities

  • Enable data-driven decision making to re-model business strategies

  • Facilitate data-driven decision making with automation and cloud services

  • Bring agility to the data visualization environment by reducing dependence on intermediary processes

  • Usher in security and scalability to governance and ease of use

  • Reduce total cost of ownership

  • Ensure business growth is aligned with the pace of technology

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