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In a post-COVID-19 world, successful enterprises must move fast to adopt digital workplaces. Remote work environment involves high costs related to coordination, productivity, and agility, and demands effective collaboration tools. Traditional approaches cannot meet the new, ad-hoc IT needs and enterprises lack the right tools and processes to support remote working during COVID-19. Shadow IT and heterogenous collaboration environments are also vulnerable to security threat. Remote workforce solutions should address all these concerns.


TCS' Rapid Remote Work, enables a high-touch, hyper-connected teamwork solution for a virtual workforce and includes:

  • End-to-end deployment and change management for Microsoft Teams: Rapidly deploy, rollout, drive adoption, manage change, and measure collaboration effectiveness

  • Customized apps to amplify Microsoft 365: Deploy teamwork productivity or crisis communication apps and facilitate integration with ServiceNow or other Teams apps and extensions for workflow agility

  • 24X7 support: Provide a flexible, adaptable support covering end-to-end management of Microsoft Teams, O365 rollout with licensing management, MS Teams' governance and training

  • Seamless integration with business apps: Build low-code apps for rapidly evolving business scenarios including automation and reports using Microsoft Power platform.

Remote work environment demands effective collaboration tools. A Microsoft study reports a massive 2.7 billion MS Teams meetings on March 31, 2020 - a 200 percent increase over the previous fortnight.


With TCS’ Rapid Remote Work offering, enterprises enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ensures business continuity by quickly enabling remote working and collaboration

  • Helps adapt to digital workplace best practices and scale to future business needs

  • Facilitates accelerated deployment with ready-to-use but customizable Teams apps and extensions

  • Enables rapid app provisioning using Microsoft Power Platform for all unanticipated IT and business needs

  • Boosts user productivity through easy to use Microsoft Teams tool

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