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  • The need for higher application security and performance is making organizations shift their Microsoft workloads to the cloud. 
  • TCS’ solution for Microsoft workloads to AWS provides analytics-based assessment and recommendations for moving applications to cloud. 
  • With the solution, companies can experience a 2X higher performance for SQL server workloads.




Get more out of your Microsoft applications by moving them to AWS Cloud.

Think cloud, think agility and flexibility. It’s no wonder then that companies are moving their workloads—Windows, .Net applications, SQL servers and Microsoft Active Directory—to cloud. Enterprises today are busy shifting their applications to the cloud to achieve greater application performance, flexibility, and to reduce on-premise footprint.

Running Microsoft applications on AWS Cloud, for instance, helps enterprises to optimize license costs and improve the efficiency of license usage through pricing tuned to cloud usage needs. AWS Cloud also allows for greater elasticity and scale.

We work with companies across the world to help them migrate their existing Microsoft workloads to AWS Cloud. From assessing their legacy application environment to providing a road map for their Microsoft applications, we partner with them through the entire cloud journey.




Power up your enterprise applications with a serverless approach.

We take a serverless approach to managing Microsoft workloads on AWS Cloud. This means you can spend less time and resources in managing your workloads.

Our solution for Microsoft workloads on cloud transforms applications from legacy Windows Server versions to newer and supported versions on AWS Cloud, without changes to the code. With AWS’ suite of tools and integration capabilities related to .NET development, we help developers easily develop, debug, and deploy applications. What’s more, our solution allows you to make the best use of AWS’ cloud-native services like Amazon S3, EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Amazon DynamoDB. There’s also the added advantage of serverless compute with solutions such as AWS Fargate, Lambda, ECS, and EKS that allow you to run Microsoft workloads on AWS without manually provisioning or managing any servers.

Automation is key to our solution and we leverage TCS’ Cloud Migration Factory, an automation-first solution for migration of Microsoft applications and databases to AWS Cloud. 



Our solution supports everything you need to build and run Windows applications and all supported versions of Windows Server on cloud.

With it, you can achieve:

  • 2X higher performance for SQL server workloads.
  • Savings of approximately 35% by right-sizing instances with assessment accelerators.
  • Exponential ROI over a period of five years by running Windows workloads on AWS.


The TCS advantage

We help you craft a holistic enterprise architecture with our key differentiators.

  • Over a decade of global experience designing and delivering solutions related to Microsoft workloads for enterprises.
  • Successful track record hosting Microsoft workloads on AWS and partnering with AWS to address global customer needs.
  • End-to-end migration and modernization services from consulting and implementation to managed services.
  • Huge portfolio of best practices, quick-start deployment templates, tools, and accelerators making the migration to AWS cloud journey smoother for clients.

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