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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) help enterprises migrate seamlessly and confidently to the cloud—with proven solutions that are scalable, secure, reliable, and cost-effective. It helps customers achieve a faster assessment of their existing application landscape, and define a new architecture on AWS. Together, we deliver an end-to-end cloud services portfolio spanning public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Our Solution Portfolio

TCS provides ready-to-use, quick-start deployment templates and automation to accelerate cloud migration. In-house tools and solution accelerators such as iCMC (Intelligent Cloud Migration Continuum), Modernization propeller, zipped agile and easyRide seamlessly integrate with market-leading partner products for cost-effective cloud migrations. Our solutions include:

  • Enterprise Cloud Assessment: A recommendation framework, powered by TCS iCMC and Cloud Counsel, enables an objective-driven and platform-agnostic assessment, leading to greater confidence in value realization.
  • Enterprise Cloud Foundation: A cloud design digital toolkit accelerates building cloud foundation on AWS. It leverages reusable templates for cloud standards and toolkits for cloud automation and infrastructure-as-a-code.
  • Enterprise Cloud Migration Services: Using a factory-based, automation-first model for migration of enterprise applications, including database and end-user workspace, to cloud.
  • Enterprise Application Modernization: A one-stop shop to address a host of challenges faced in adoption of microservices. Some of the major elements are assessment on enterprise maturity for modernizations, application assessment for microservice fitment, reference architecture formulation, build and cost determination.
  • Enterprise Integration Services: A TCS accelerator, easyRide Integration Platform, gauges readiness for next gen products by assessing the integration and APIfication state, applications dependencies, and complexities involved in an on-premise or hybrid architecture.
  • TCS Cloud Managed Service Platform: A centralized, multi-tenant, industrialized service delivery platform across public and hybrid cloud enhances user experience through intuitive forms, self-service catalogs, and automation of the integration of cloud services with infrastructure tools.

TCS Advantage

We have a dedicated team of cloud migration and modernization experts, operating on flexible onshore and near-shore engagement models. We offer:

  • Ready-to-use, quick-start deployment templates and automation
  • Proven methodologies, in-house tools, and solution accelerators for cost-effective, seamless cloud migrations and governance
  • Sustainable, lightweight technology and service fabric
  • Machine FirstTM mindset assures faster differentiation for business
  • Innovation-driven approach

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