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The Challenge

Organizations are looking for an internal communications system for efficient team collaboration and employee engagement. The lack of digital infrastructure, use of legacy applications, and the absence of technological innovations impact a business's productivity and workflow. Further, the absence of a centralized system and digital workplace affects the communication channels impacting employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration.

TCS Solution

TCS' Modern Intranet and Employee Applications solution unifies departments and work processes through intranet redesign. Equipped with intranet features and add-on services, the solution facilitates easy information-finding, seamless collaboration, and communication. It also provides access to files and resources, and a self-service facility for easy implementation of employee engagement strategy. The solution is integrated in four stages:

  • Intranet design and redesign: Formulate intranet strategies and develop modules for various departments

  • Intranet modernization implementation: Deploy new strategies and upgrade the existing intranet communication system

  • Intranet maturity assessment: Adhere to the industry standards and address employee and management issues

  • Employee service regimentation: Create a centralized channel for employee self-service


With TCS’ solution, enterprises can:

  • Deploy a unified platform to communicate, collaborate, create and execute with real-time information broadcasting

  • Leverage insightful analytics on sales and processes to increase revenue

  • Improve employee productivity and engagement through an inclusive work culture and employee engagement strategy

  • Develop an intuitive, immersive, and intelligent workplace and scale your business functions through cloud-based processes

  • Experience seamless connectivity to internal and external modules with APIs