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TCS transforms Motorola’s IT operations
Ron Roberts, CVP and CIO, Motorola Solutions (MSI) highlights how TCS has played a key role for over a decade in transforming MSI’s IT operations and partnered with them on their ERP transformation journey.
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Experience Results

Ron discusses how TCS has successfully delivered projects on time and within budget and has consistently helped Motorola achieve its organizational objectives.

Experience Partnership

TCS’ participation in the delivery and support of Motorola’s application landscape and ERP transformation has been much appreciated. Ron believes, “Reward for good work is more good work to do. TCS has consistently shown and demonstrated not only good but great work. That has led to increased responsibilities and increased scope of activities.”

Experience Leadership

Ron describes how TCS has been a strategic partner in the planning and execution of key programs at Motorola, including the transforming of the Application Support model. Through their innovation, TCS was at the forefront of moving MSI onto a single ERP platform and helped lead them to where they are today, Ron adds.

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