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Autonomous 4D Constraint Management in Multi-drone Ecosystems

Streamline UAV traffic management for effective Drone-as-a-Service solutions

A novel approach to drive monitoring and resolution of 4D flight constraints, optimizing localized, multi-drone airspace management. The approach would help drone service providers:

  • Compute the possibility of a 4D conflict
  • Consider additional UTM parameters
  • Automate 4D conflict mitigation
  • Avoid changes to the approved flight path
  • Enable proximity alerting and exigency support 
Partha Datta

Senior Domain Consultant, NextGen R&D, Technology, TCS

Shivani Pathak

Architect, Technology, TCS

Halima Naim

Lead Solutions Engineer, Technology, TCS

Razi Ahmed

Domain Consultant, NextGen R&D, Technology, TCS


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