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NEST Helps Millions Save for Retirement

TCS helps deliver one of the UK’s largest auto enrolment pension schemes.

National Employment Savings Trust
Business Processes, IT Management and Strategy


NEST must accept employers who want to use the scheme for their auto enrolment duties.

NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) needed to implement a low-cost pension scheme that enables employers to easily automatically enroll their staff under the UK Workplace Pension Reforms, which came into effect from October 2012. 

NEST had to be built from day one as an efficient, cost-effective, easy to use, secure, and scalable scheme to ensure that it effectively managed the demand from UK employers looking to enroll their eligible workers. 

How could a nation-wide pension provider sign up and serve millions of members, while simultaneously managing the operating cost?


TCS helped improve NEST’s efficiency, scalability, and customer experience.

for NEST. TCS Insurance BaNCS™ platform was at the heart of the solution to support all mainstream business processes. 

We launched an innovative pension scheme that made the automatic enrolment process seamless and flexible enough to handle the rush of new employers and member signups. 

A first in the UK pensions industry, our responsive, process-oriented solution:

Introduced user-friendly features such as web services that integrated with payroll provider software, live webchats, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)—to simplify and improve customer experience.

Over 200,000 employers are signed up to NEST.

Eliminated the need for paper transactions, and reduced the need for customer contact by using insights to continually improve our online help. 

Could scale with the growth of customer usage and keep data secure. 

As NEST’s scheme administrator and solution partner, TCS continues to provide innovative administration services to help the pension provider deliver on their business objectives within budget.

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