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A global beverages firm wanted to connect geographically distributed operating systems.

A leading consumer-packaged-goods firm wanted to build a resilient infrastructure to connect their independently operating systems that were geographically distributed in data centers across five continents. The client wanted to accelerate post-merger standardization activities and build a system with high availability, maximum security, and performance. The client was looking for a hybrid cloud setup that would not only assure protection against cyber-attacks, but also help maintain the integrity of the internal infrastructure at minimum costs.




TCS built a secure central IT connectivity system with a hybrid cloud setup.


TCS built a central network and IT connectivity system.

TCS leveraged AWS infrastructure and network capabilities to build a secure central IT connectivity system with a hybrid cloud setup. TCS Cloud Foundation helped establish AWS resources needed for a secured foundation platform and implemented policies and controls needed for functions such as identity access management, change management, configuration management, endpoint security, incident service management, compliance, and capacity management. TCS’ hybrid cloud network leveraged AWS Direct Connect to help distributed users and applications communicate with AWS cloud resources through a secure and reliable connection. TCS conducted network segmentation to build a Zero Trust security infrastructure by regulating inter-AWS virtual private cloud network traffic movements and authenticating all access requirements across different security layers. TCS also built a patch management solution to ensure patch baseline compliance in operating systems used across multiple AWS accounts and integrated it with ServiceNow to provide self-service options for users.

TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.


With AWS infrastructure and security services, the company has connected geographically distributed systems.

TCS established secure global connectivity through network, platform, and patch management activities. By leveraging a hybrid cloud network, the global beverages major now enjoys connectivity between data centers located in five continents, enhanced network security, high performance, and seamless connectivity.

  • Unified infrastructure on a single global network
  • Organization-wide compliance
  • Reduction of network latency between region-based communications to less than 200 milliseconds
  • Protection of sensitive data by securing enterprise data in transit
  • 100% security automation
  • Avoidance of compliance penalties with automated patch management


TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.


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