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The Challenge

The pace of technological change has accelerated exponentially over the past 100 years due to globalized supply chains, lean methodologies, and digitalization of processes and products. Manufacturers have had to transform themselves continuously through each phase. The need for changes in operating models and emerging shifts in business models are forcing manufacturers to become future ready.

TCS Solution

To enable manufacturing firms to become future-ready, the TCS Neural ManufacturingTM suite offers them:

  • Cognitive enterprise: Enabling autonomous behavior through a neural information fabric  
  • Connected value chains: For enhanced visibility across value chain partners  
  • Collaborative ecosystems: Designing and operating purpose-centric ecosystem

A phased roadmap enables this journey:

Phase 1: Neural thinking for business value assessment and prioritization

Phase 2: Neural capabilities by building an adaptive digital core and an interwoven information fabric 

Phase 3: Neural models to deploy while operating ecosystem-centric business models 


TCS’ Neural Manufacturing suite enables enterprises to:

  • Develop adaptive capabilities to offer personalized experiences, services, and products
  • Engage enterprises with smart connected products and assets
  • Orchestrate purpose-driven ecosystems for innovation and growth
  •  Create intelligent and frictionless value chains
  • Build operational resilience through connected or intelligent, frictionless value chains

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