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Semiconductor firms are constantly striving to innovate and design chips that are increasing in complexity and diversity. This has led to an exponential rise in compute and storage platforms for design simulations, as existing on-prem high-performance computing (HPC) servers cannot meet the demand surge. Augmenting on-prem infrastructure, with on-demand cloud capacity for continuous innovation while optimizing costs, is a challenge that semiconductor companies face.

TCS Solution 

NeurEDA is a secure, intelligent and autonomous solution that optimizes electronic design automation (EDA) job management on a hybrid server farm. Its salient features include:

  • Intelligent: Scheduling optimization decisions managed by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine learning algorithms

  • Autonomous: Zero-touch orchestration service based on real-time events

  • Single pane: Holistic control of distributed hybrid server farm for seamless management

  • Secure: Encryption and security best practices applied across on-prem and public cloud infrastructure resources

  • Cloud and technology agnostic: Manages jobs across cloud platforms and schedulers


TCS NeurEDA enables enterprises to:

  • Accelerate design time by 40%

  • Decrease total cost of ownership by 50%

  • Enable reuse of existing investments thanks to the solution’s modularity

  • Recommend best-suited hyperscaler platform

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