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Moving from Agile as a Development Model to a Work Methodology

Even before the pandemic could strike and change the face of the global trade, possibly forever, TCS had been reinventing itself from the inside out not only to be relevant to its customers, but also to be ahead of the disruption curve. The vision of Enterprise Agile 2020 that TCS has pursued demands that transformation take place at scale. A move from agile as a development model to a methodology of work has called for behavioral changes from a requirements-led, co-located design-development-delivery process to agility in spirit and practice. To move from 15% agile projects in 2017 to Enterprise Agile by 2020, the organization nurtured a team of agile coaches who in turn helped create more agile practitioners.

People, process and technology agility

Our model centers on being ‘purpose-centric’ rather than ‘product-centric’.

With this vision in mind, TCS IT focused on three aspects to deliver business agility – people (culture), process and technology. A change in terms of its people and culture to build acceptability towards a new way of working and making business part of an overall value stream. Supported by an Agile Center of Excellence and Agile Ninja Coaches, customized training programs have been designed within the organization. 


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