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TCS, NOS Audiovisuais Automate Rights Management
Pedro Mota Carmo, CEO and Duarte Bruschy, Head of Contracts and Rights Management , NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais, discuss how TCS helped them in standardizing the royalty calculation process with TCS Enterprise Rights Management Solution (TERMS).
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NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais
Media and Information Services
Contract Rights and Royalty Management

NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais is a leading media entertainment group in Portugal. Through the acquisition and management of rights, the company does business in theatrical and rights distribution, and is a leading content provider.

Experience Results

Duarte highlights how TCS helped them improve the efficiency of their business processes, by standardizing the information they had and automating royalty calculation. There were over 8,000 contracts and 30,000 titles that were migrated and are still being used. The company wanted to standardize information of those contracts and titles, so that the company or the people working in the company can usefully and more easily see these. With automation of the royalty process, now it is possible to handle over 2,000 statements a month. He further mentions how this application is connected to their enterprise corporate security system. By defining different roles and functions, they can now allow different levels of access to the application. This also ensures scalability because TERMS can be scaled to address future needs arising from business and industry developments.

Experience Partnership

Duarte goes on to say that NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais are pleased to work with TCS as a partner and as a trusted advisor. TCS has always collaborated very well to satisfy their business needs.

Experience Leadership

According to Pedro, leadership is a sign of commitment, experience and endurance in all processes. He explains how TCS worked with them in a very cooperative way. He says that in the broadcasting industry, the client often needs to deal with very challenging factors. Now, with TCS’ partnership, they are confident of delivering the best solutions in the area of audio visuals to the market.

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