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Add to Calendar 2020-01-12 11:23:00 2020-01-14 11:23:00 Europe/London EVENT NRF 2020 - Retail's Big Show New York, USA

NRF2020 - Retail's Big Show is the world’s leading annual retail event, which brings more than 38,000 retail professionals together on a single platform for educational and networking opportunities. This event provides TCS a unique opportunity to engage with our retail clients, prospects, analysts and other experts – showcasing our perspective and vision.

TCS Participation

TCS will once again have a significant presence at NRF – Retail’s Big Show event.

This year get ready to launch into the future of retail with TCS Algo RetailTM - Cognitive. Connected. Contextual.

TCS Algo Retail is the new frontier to unlocking exponential business value. The future of retail is about taking a giant leap forward to unearth new business opportunities for growth.

The big bang retail explosion is here – It is about the explosion of data setting retail on a trajectory of infinite possibilities. Algorithmic interventions are helping retailers explore the universe of opportunities.

At the event, you will get to meet with our experts and get a glimpse of how our customers are leveraging our products to gain competitive advantage in the industry.

Key offerings on display include:

TCS Future Store Observatory: A nerve center of real-time and intelligent operations that recommends next best actions by integrating cognitive and predictive analytics based solutions for store manager and associates to respond quickly to events, improve efficiency and enhance customer experience

TCS ignioTM: Learn how you can quickly resolve outages, intelligently automate mundane IT tasks, and mitigate risks to improve business agility and customer satisfaction

TCS OptumeraTM: Leverage the power of AI and ML to localize and right size store spaces. Curate shopper centric omnichannel experiences, preempt competitor pricing strategies in real-time, enable optimal price recommendations, and automate planogram compliance and gap scan. TCS Optumera derives rich insights from over 1000 data parameters and empowers retailers, to identify surgical growth opportunities across space, mix and prices to enable them to make decisions with greater speed and precision, with explainable AI

TCS OmniStoreTM: TCS’ unified commerce platform led by Headless Commerce Architecture and customizable business APIs, enable retailers to build the foundation for a future store. TCS OmniStore creates an open, scalable and ecosystem driven commerce platform that not only unifies capabilities at enterprise level but also provides speed and flexibility to orchestrate unique customer journeys. It operates across evolving channels and integrates the brand experience to transform the way a customer shops

TCS OptuscaiTM: A neural AI powered first of its kind self-learning supply chain solution to help retailers address the conundrum of balancing various business outcomes without tradeoffs like availability, wastage, cost to serve, productivity and efficiency. This reinforcement learning solution through its multi-dimensional concurrent optimization capabilities is driving adoption of futuristic operations in replenishment, forecasting, dynamic parameter management, value chain orchestration and product flow smoothening in retail supply chains. It is endowed with a strong AI, ML recommendation mosaic providing end-to-end visibility for proactive SC management with intelligent alerts and cognitive next best action recommendations through its Intelligent supply chain operations tower

Customer Experience Solutions: Leverage TCS’ Co-Innovation NetworkTM by partnering with rapidly growing technology Startups and jointly show casing customer experience solutions for retail

Stop by our booth #5055 to know more about our solutions and to reimagine your retail strategies.

To schedule a meeting, please write to:

Satish Sati at



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