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Studies on diversity, equity, and inclusion show that organizations that actively welcome people of all backgrounds, genders, and abilities do better on all economic parameters compared to their peers. Organizations have a responsibility towards ensuring health, safety, welfare, education, enablement, and treatment of human capital within their own organization and across their value chain. 


We can help you

Drive Health, Safety, & Wellness

  • Drive Health, safety and security at the workplace
  • Ensure health, Safety and security in the value chain
  • Build workplace of the Future

Achieve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

  • Accessibility at workplaces
  • Women & Minority Empowerment at workplaces
  • Drive inclusion in the workplace





TCS Connected Workforce

Connected Worker solution suite is designed for workers on the field to accelerate field operations digitization, bolster workforce collaboration, offer immersive learning experiences, and enable real time information interaction.

Connected Worker Solution



TCS Accessibility Suite

A suite of offerings to help organizations solves technical problems that prevent access to technology, helping clients comply with internationally mandated levels of compliance.

Technology for Disabled: Implementing Assistive Technology at Workplace