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The Challenge

Organizations transitioning to a new digital infrastructure require a platform that can facilitate easy adoption and integration of technology with the employee’s way of working. The lack of a change management system impacts the business functions and decreases employee productivity. Further, the unavailability of appropriate adoption metrics, feedback, and dashboards makes it difficult to make well-informed decisions or calculate the RoI.

TCS Solution

TCS Office 365 Engage solution facilitates the adoption of new technological infrastructure and enhances collaboration and people management. It allows employees to understand their usage and performance through customized micro-content based on role, unit, and geography. With custom engagement campaigns and end-to-end change management approach, the solution removes any barrier in the user’s tech-savviness by offering:

  • Information-driven adoption: Leverage adoption metrics, dashboards, and feedback to measure your revenue streams
  • Game mechanics: Keep employees motivated via a role-based personalized learning mechanism
  • Personalized micro-content: Use micro-content to help employees understand their Office 365 usage
  • Custom engagement campaigns: Track and improve Office 365 adoption
  • AR-based learning: Interact with Engage using AR markers
  • Behavior-based scoring: Give your employees access to their usage patterns


The solution helps organizations optimize the Office 365 advantages to boost overall productivity. It enables businesses to:

  • Reduce maintenance cost and associated expenses and lower the total cost of ownership
  • Optimize the change management system and reduce the time needed to integrate and implement the change and minimize resistance
  • Leverage technology to bridge any gaps in the employee’s adoption of Office 365 and facilitate efficient collaboration
  • Align employee training to business processes to eliminate skill gaps and optimize employee performance