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Saipem, TCS Join Hands for Offshore Drilling Ops
Marco Toninelli, COO, Saipem Offshore Drilling, talks about the Saipem-TCS collaboration to create a digital twin platform to transform operations for higher operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
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Experience Results

The Digital Twin platform provides an immersive, enriching virtual experience of complex operations helping drilling operators with better learning and knowledge retention, leading to improved productivity and operational efficiency.

Marco Toninelli, COO, Saipem Offshore Drilling adds that Saipem can not only build their architecture on the platform, but also organize the training and familiarization for their people, clients and suppliers, bringing value and safety to the chain. 

Experience Leadership

Marco adds that Digital Twin is a platform on which different programs can be integrated, from the likes of predictive maintenance to smart HSE. This futuristic solution will direct Saipem towards optimizing drilling plans through simulations, which will reduce the well drilling time, carbon footprint and improve the ROI for Saipem and its customers.

Experience Partnership

TCS partnered with Saipem, leading to the co-creation of digital twin of vessels and paving the way for next generation drilling operations. TCS’ experience of building a digital twin across industries, coupled with Saipem’s expertise in offshore drilling helped forge a partnership that will transform offshore drilling operations.

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