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It goes without saying that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on all enterprises around the globe. While time is of the essence to combat the immediate impact, enterprises need to lay the foundation to become adaptable and purpose-driven. To build a strong future with transformative projects and programs, they need to transform their IT infrastructure with newer technologies.

This requires a testing lifecycle to be made available on demand, remotely, at scale, that supports collaboration across teams in distributed environment, and contact-less response to urgent requirements. Besides, enterprises need to ensure capex optimization to avoid security breaches and change their internal policies to respond faster to evolving business needs.

TCS Solution

TCS’ QE Hub is designed to help enterprises stay ahead of the curve by adopting new technologies and provide essential QE services (during COVID and beyond) in an outcome-based model across different geographical locations. The four pillars of the TCS QE Hub services are:

1) Rapid test setup – This provides services to clients within a lead time of <72 hours, and can be accessed in a ‘tap on/tap off’ mode without worrying about the availability of resources

2) Integrated QE ecosystem – A well-stocked setup of software development engineers in test (SDETs), full-stack testers, QE labs, full play services, TCS platforms, and tools helps provide QE-as-a-service to clients  

3) On-demand essential QE services – Includes all the essential QE services such as data assurance, automation testing, business continuity, channels testing, infrastructure testing, security, and compliance

4) Elastic operating model – Helps provide QE services to clients in an outcome-based model across various geographies


TCS’ QE Hub provides essential QE services in an outcome-based model to enterprises during the pandemic. Some of the benefits that enterprises can reap with the on-demand quality engineering services are: 

  1. Availability of services within 72 hours and ready-to-go infra with containerized QE platform
  2. Access to a setup comprising SDETs, full-stack testers, QE Labs, platforms, and tools to generate faster results during testing
  3. Savings of about 30-40% through an elastic operating model with deliveries across NA, India/APAC regions, and flexible pricing options that are outcome/output/sprint based

TCS Advantage

TCS believes that enterprises need to change their approach to quality engineering from quality assurance to first-time-right quality at a time when the world is battling a pandemic. With TCS, enterprises can benefit from:

  • Next-gen QE services, including low-code automation solutions
  • Niche services such as crowd testing, cloud apps, and video performance
  • Location-Independent Agile (LIA™)
  • QE innovation labs and platform

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