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Exploring the role of new technologies in enhancing package transport and delivery

Present-day packaging used in e-commerce parcels involves the use of corrugated cardboard boxes as tertiary packaging material. It serves the basic needs of protection and ease of transportation but falls short on three fronts. First, sustainability and responsible disposal. Second, customer expectation and experience. Third, flexible and cost-effective operations to scale up for increased speed and volume. The ‘package of today’ has served its purpose and outlived its time. E-commerce or online retail companies must therefore invest in technology innovation for a new era of retail and e-commerce and the logistics behind the package delivery experience. Headless e-commerce – an architecture where the front- back end are de-coupled and able to function independently -- and ‘package of the future’ -- serve to drive exceptional customer experiences in retail.

KVV Raghavan

Domain Consultant, Research and Innovation, TCS

Rajesh Sinha

Chief Scientist, Research and Innovation, TCS


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