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TCS Open Banking API Framework

Transforming banks into digitally integrated, customer-focused financial service providers



FinTechs have invaded markets once dominated by banks, leveraging customer data to deliver personalized, hyper responsive services. They have also created new revenue channels by allowing vendors and partners to openly access applications. To stay competitive as well as compliant with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and Access to Accounts (XS2A), incumbents must embrace an API-led open banking framework that connects users with enterprise assets – while also ensuring IT security standards.

TCS Solution

by securely abstracting and carefully sharing customer data for internal and external consumption. Such a framework offers:

  • Horizontal capabilities that focus on robust IT security measures and ensuring compliance. These include access and user authentication, exception handlers, elasticity services, and more.
  • Standard query and transaction capabilities that are PSD2 and XS2A driven. These include customer account aggregation, fund transfer, digital payments, and so on.
  • Ecosystem-centric niche capabilities that help open up new revenue streams for parent firms collaborating with niche service providers. These include anti-money laundering (AML), liquidity review, cross border transactions, among others.


  • Widen customer base: Cross-sell and up-sell through compelling services
  • Boost time-to-market: Protect ‘system of records’ behind APIs and remove resource bottleneck
  • Innovate: Add new revenue streams and enhance CX with third-party digital capabilities
  • Gain actionable insights: Use advanced analytics powered services like pre-built KPI charts


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