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Increased competition, shrinking margins, and demanding customers are shaping the retail trajectory. While retailers are constantly striving to deliver superior in-store shopping experiences with increased product variety, they are often restricted by the limited floor space. Expanding business in the same floor space requires enormous planning and successful implementation of plans.

TCS Solution

TCS Optumera™ Macro Space Optimization harnesses the power of AI to evaluate over 1000 factors to localize and right-size store spaces, remodel stores to accommodate new business requirements such as curbside pickup, and model scenarios to identify sales and margin opportunities.

  • Adding Science to Instinct: Leverages AI models to augment retailer’s gut insights to recommend optimal space for over a million store-category combinations in a matter of seconds

  • Built for Scale: Powered by a big data platform, concurrent high dimensional optimization enables multiple scenarios and what-if simulations in near real-time at lower TCO

  • Always-On Optimization: Continuously recommends space and renders the entire space planning process 2x times faster

  • Localized Recommendations: Helps right-size store spaces, create smaller store formats, and carve space for new business requirements


  • Improve sales and margin by 3-5%

  • Execute the space planning process 2x times faster

  • Reallocate space to accommodate new business needs

  • Include new product lines and categories

  • Introduce experience centers

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