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Personalization is no more about addressing customers by their first name. Customers expect one-to-one attention and support right when they need it in their customer journey; they also expect retailers to understand their intent. Retailers need to make every customer feel special and deliver authentic moments and support at every interaction without looking overzealous. Driving personalized customer experiences at scale in a spaghetti-like purchase journey for millions of customers can be challenging.

TCS Solution

TCS Optunique™ is an AI powered enterprise personalization solution that enables unified, hyper-personalized experiences in real time. It drives Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by delivering seamless experiences for every user, every time with contextual recommendations across their omnichannel journey.  

With TCS Optunique, retailers can:

  • Deliver consistent one-to-one experiences at the right touchpoints

  • Define unified personalization goals through an intelligent goal-based interface and avoid shopper fatigue

  • Enable intent and context-based personalization at scale for known and unknown users with 720-degree profiles

  • Drive seamless integration with any channel and deploy within 4-6 weeks


  • 10% upshift in the customer base from anonymous users to loyal customers

  • 20% reduction in page exits and cart abandonments

  • 25% uplift in conversion

  • 20% reduction in overall marketing spend

  • 75% decrease in customer churn

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