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In the digital economy, changes in consumer behavior are driving organizations to switch from a one-time purchase to outcome-based business model. As product-centric business models involve high procurement, operational costs, and high capex, organizations are adopting new technology to enable servitization models which offer better margins over a longer period, increase customer lifetime value for providers, and lower the total cost of ownership with flexible consumption of products and services.


TCS Solution

TCS Servitization Engine on Oracle Cloud reimagines business models through a subscription-first strategy and provides outcome-based solutions with intelligent service capabilities. The solution offers a complete market package with bundled combinations of products, services, support, self-service, and knowledge base to add value to the core product offerings, along with robust front-end customer-facing solutions.

  • Service-centric approach: Dynamically configure and change workflows; and add pricing strategies, user responsibilities, and administrative parameters.
  • Data monetization: Manage all customer information in a central hub and get the right insights to improve revenue.
  • Optimize performance: Enable proactive and predictive service diagnostics to get equipment performance insights and minimize business disruption.
  • Personalize products: Leverage customer insights to deliver hyper-personalized products with financing options.
  • Consumption-based model: Simplify and increase control over budgeting, billing, and technology life cycle management.



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