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Europe and UK - TCS 2021 Global Leadership Study Key Findings Report


How European and UK Senior Leaders Are Balancing Innovation and Optimization

Although Senior Leaders are predicting new digital offerings, new digital competitors, and new ecosystems will impact their organizations in the next five years, our study findings show most Senior Leaders in Europe and the UK are focused on business-as-usual in how they’re actually addressing the future.​

In this report, you’ll uncover unique insights about how large enterprise Senior Leaders in France, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom  are building their strategy around innovation and optimization in four key arenas.

Specifically, we asked them:

“How do you plan to balance innovation with optimization from now through the mid-2020s?”

Read individual Europe and UK country reports here:

Essential Takeaways from Europe and UK respondents

Senior Leaders recognize that continued growth and profitability will likely come from new collaborators (even competitors), new digital offerings, and new industries and ecosystems


Senior Leaders predict innovation and a customer & employee centricity need to drive their culture more than shareholder value


In an increasingly digital business environment, Senior Leaders predict many areas of the organization will be subject to cyberattacks


Most Senior Leaders predict that optimization will be more important than innovation for organizational growth and profitability between now and 2025

Read the full TCS 2021 Global Leadership Study Key Findings report here.




Where are Senior Leaders planning to focus their efforts between now and 2025?


The Global Leadership Study asks: What is more important for the mid-2020s? Explore the 4 Essential Takeaways.

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