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TCS 2020: CIO Study


CIO Study: The Key Findings Report

Akhilesh Tiwari
Vice President & Global Head, Enterprise Application Services, TCS
Dinanath Kholkar
Vice President & Global Head, Analytics
Nidhi Srivastava
Global Head, Consulting Practices, TCS
Santha Subramoni
Head, Intelligent Process Automation, Tata Consultancy Services

Three-quarters of CIOs play a role in digital strategy at their companies – but less than one in five has a say in budget decisions for digital projects. These and other key findings are included in this overview of our study of 1,010 CIOs, with some initial data showing differences by industry and a first look at how (and whether) CIOs and other corporate leaders are transforming their companies to take advantage of the new digital ecosystem.

Which industries see the fewest – or the most – opportunities to digitize their businesses? And which technologies will have the biggest impact over the next decade? Learn these and other important answers from CIOs at a glance.


PR Krishnan: The CIO’s Critical New Role: Digital Ecosystem Navigator

Industry boundaries are being fundamentally reconfigured. Here are 3 technology trends making that happen – and what our CIO Study seeks to answer for CIOs navigating them.



Regu Ayyaswamy: Winning in the New World of Digital Ecosystems: Discerning the CIO Perspective

Why did established companies of the 21st Century take so long to understand the changing business scenario and respond to it? And why are CIOs the best C-suite candidate to keep other companies from the same fate?


Ashok Pai: The CIO’s Role in Building a Cognitive Business

In many businesses today, less work has been digitized than you might think. And transformation can be hard work. But CIOs are finding the payoffs to be worth it.



Satishchandra Doreswamy: CIOs View the Cloud as Their Most Critical Technology

TCS’ 2020 CIO Study shows that CIOs see cloud computing as the bedrock of digital transformation. Why they see it that way is important for every member of the C-suite to understand.


Satish Thiagarajan: Three Ways to Secure Your Automated Machines

Nearly all the technologies CIOs cite as having an impact in the years ahead require new ways of storing, sharing, and accessing data. That means there need to be new ways of protecting data.