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TCS 2019: CMO Study


Stage 2 Conversion Report: Personalizing Content to Turn Prospects into Customers

Sunil Karkera
Global Head, TCS Interactive
James Wheless
Global Managing Partner, Consulting & Services Integration, Tata Consultancy Services
Lakshmi Ramesh
Head, Media Center of Excellence, Cognitive Business Operations, TCS
Lisa Fairbanks
TCS Product Management Leader Customer Experience Strategist and Customer Analytics Innovator

Get unique insights about how marketing leaders and followers differ when it comes to personalizing communications for prospects. Discover what works and doesn’t work in the Conversion stage of the brand experience.

Get key takeaways from the TCS CMO Study about how leading marketers personalize communications in the Conversion stage.

How Financial Firms Personalize Content to Convert Prospects into Customers

How Media, Entertainment and Information Companies are Personalizing Content to Convert Prospects into Customers


Krishnan Ramanujam:The Digitally Personalized Brand Experience: Welcome to the TCS Chief Marketing Officer Study




Akhilesh Tiwari: Focus of our New CMO Study: Keeping The Customer Mesmerized Through Digitally Personalized Brand Experiences




Jim Wheless, Mark Conzone and Navin Mithel: Avoiding “Creepy” by Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Personalization




Prabhakar Karamsetty: Why Digital Marketers Should Be More Active in Customer Support





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