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Ananth Krishnan

Ananth directs Research, Innovation and Co-Innovation in TCS.  Under his leadership, TCS has created significant range of new products and services with a wide IP portfolio. Ananth has architected an agile model for innovation at scale, across the entire organization. He has been a member of the TCS Corporate leadership since 1999, and has led several strategic initiatives.

Ananth has served on several Governing Councils of Academia, Industry Advisory boards, and Government and Alumni committees.

He was elected a Fellow at the Indian Academy of Engineering (INAE) in recognition of his contributions towards engineering in 2013. He was named a Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Delhi in 2009. He has been listed in Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders (2007), and in Infoworld’s Top 25 CTOs (2007).

Ananth is an M. Tech. in Computer Science and an M. Sc in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


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