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On International Podcast Day -- September 30, 2021 -- TCS Research Scientists share their thoughts on podcasts as a medium, delving into the applications of speech and audio analytics, and how these open up the scope for research in the audio space.

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Podcasts as a channel and new media type have opened many doors for research in the audio space. The ease with which this content format can be produced and consumed in terms of personalization has made it a favorite with content creators and the digital media industry, in general. And like all other mass media, it, too, continues to undergo scientific and technological advancements.

On International Podcast Day, we present to you a podcast on podcasts. This is a conversation with our Principal Scientists, Niranjan Pedanekar and Dr. Sunil Kumar Kopparapu on technological research in audio and speech processing, and progress in the audio and audio analytics space with a lens on podcasting.

The interaction touches upon how larger media spaces can be leveraged to tackle new applications for podcasts. Both technology experts also discuss the increasing scale and size of the podcast audience, bringing to the forefront of the discussion the experience, personalization, and scalability of applications.