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Posten Norge Pursues IT Integration via OneIT

TCS drives IT collaboration across Posten Norge enabling business intimacy.

Posten Norge
Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality
Mail and Logistics Application Development and Maintenance

Lack of IT centralization across Posten Norge increases duplicity and costs.

After acquiring subsidiaries worldwide, Posten Norge (Norway Post) soon realized the need to establish a centralized IT service infrastructure to streamline performance, optimize costs and assets, and offer a disruption-free, consistent customer experience.

They were looking for a robust transformation under their One-IT initiative, which would include setting up a future-ready IT operating model, consolidated data centers, application transitions, and establishing a centralized service desk. They needed a partner with experience in driving such transformation journeys.


TCS builds future-ready IT operating model by utilizing a centralized data center.

One-IT: Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) and IT governance.

We coordinated with the multiple vendors who were a part of this initiative, and supported business systems for 47 applications operating on different technologies (such as Nordic-specific Enonic, Oracle SOA, Sharepoint, Mainframe, and Ruby on Rails).

“…I would really like to express our gratitude.”

Sven Langerak, Director, Sourcing and Vendor Management, Corporate IT, Posten Norge

We leveraged standardized ITIL-based processes to support the service integration vendor, and assisted the centralized service desk with seamless management of user queries and issues.

Our detailed plan included inter-vendor dependencies to address knowledge transition, data center migration, virtualization, and reconfiguration. We also took into account the testing phase and categorized applications into seven packages. This enabled Posten Norge to go-live without any business disruption.

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