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  • PreCast―a TCS offering for accelerated SAP S/4HANA implementation―speeds up SAP implementation by offering the preconfigured SAP S/4HANA software with ready-to-use business process flows, test scripts, and user manuals.
  • Can be deployed on a public cloud of the customer’s choice, like the AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform



Today an enterprise, with a vision of enabling smooth operations with cutting-edge technologies, faces not only a single hindrance but many. It starts from sustaining up to date back-office operations to implementing a digitally driven, advanced decision support system. The journey of the enterprise continues with the transformation of processes related to presales, sales, procurement, service, production, quality, maintenance, warehousing, and finance operations adhering to the principles of “optimization” and “faster implementation”. It raises the question of whether to go for a greenfield implementation or migrate from the legacy system. The current need is to transform the business in a short duration and overcome existing problems such as the lack of end-to-end view, scattered landscapes, and missing project documentation. A one-stop user experience branching and connecting each enterprise function with minimal transformation effort leading to a robust, integrated, fast, and optimal system is what any enterprise requires; achieving it with the traditional approach can never be easy.


BA comprehensive and flexible preconfigured solution with the most prevalent processes across industries, built-in user roles, and an extensible platform can be a simple yet robust approach. The solution should be flexible enough to adapt the needed localizations and fully harmonized within the corporate setup with the latest notes and patches to comply with legal requirements in the shortest possible time. It should be cloud-ready for deployment to enable users for immediate consumption and implementation jumpstarts with pre-deployed, pre-tested, and fully documented business processes to enable business users to make constructive business decisions for their enterprises.

PreCast: TCS’ offering for accelerated SAP S/4HANA implementation

  • TCS’ PreCast is an end-to-end transformation accelerator.
  • It is a cloud-based, ready-to-run, pre-configured, built-in, and localized core template solution accelerating migrations and greenfield implementations. It is developed specifically for multinational corporations, helping them to reduce costs, decrease risks, and accelerate adoption during discovery, preparation, and realization activities.

It is currently pre-configured for over 120 processes and localized for the UAE, Indonesian, and Indian geographies.

Figure 1


The benefits of PreCast are manifold and multidimensional. The preconfigured business processes and accelerator elements bring optimization of tasks in an implementation with a PreCast-based approach. PreCast ensures minimal involvement of business during implementation but at the same time, it does not compromise with the outcome that the customer is looking for. PreCast enables accelerated implementation thereby reducing the implementation time. It ensures that there is always a single point of accountability throughout the transformation journey thereby reducing disruptions and delays. The PreCast-led implementation is always agile and rapid as the method follows a show-and-tell approach. The solution helps businesses to adhere to local, legal, and statutory compliance.



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