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The Challenge

Telecom, utility, and energy service providers are looking to leverage emerging technologies to reduce costs, increase resilience, and boost process efficiency and information accuracy. There is a need to ensure a hyperpersonalized experience that optimizes their customer’s journey. Enterprises are looking to formulate new processes and techniques on time-based, self-learning and predictive models to attain a real-time field view.


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TCS Solution

TCS NextGen Field Services on Microsoft empowers field service staff through remote assistance for proactive service through IoT. Equipped with features such as asset location, remote detection, automated scheduling recommendations, resource management, and service level agreements, the solution provides advance forecast of resource demands and ensures first-time fix by equipping technicians and service managers with the right tools and information to resolve the issue. Key features include:

  • Unified real-time information view: Access real-time updates on technician’s availability, on-hand goods inventory, installed base telemetrics, and location.
  • Predictive field-service and advanced forecasting: Leverage data for field service and drive innovation with predictive analytics.
  • Omnichannel customer collaboration: Enable multiple communication channels, reduce customer wait times and reduce operational costs.
  • Personalized customer experience: Assign field service job at the customer’s preferred time schedules based on past interactions.



TCS NextGen Field Services on Microsoft allows enterprises to:

  • Reduce service cost and prevention of hazards through advanced forecasting of resource demands
  • Drive predictive maintenance using intelligent connected field services
  • Remotely monitor assets and reduce downtime by connecting devices to IoT data
  • Increase operational efficiency through data-driven insights for first-time issue resolution.